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HERE FOR A GOOD TIME PET NAT. Petillant-Naturel (If you want to be fancy!) is a natural ferment wine. Jam packed with pineapple, guava, honeydew melon and green apples. 

Pétillant naturel is bottled before the fermentation is complete thus capturing the CO2 in the bottle giving the wine the gentle effervescence and cloudy character.  The Pinot Gris was picked at the optimal time when the tropical characters had developed whilst ensuring there is still plenty of natural acidity to keep the wine fresh and zesty on the palate.

Bottling early on ensures the preservation of the aromatics so the wine is bursting with fruit characters.  This is a “Drink Now” wine

HERE FOR A GOOD TIME is just as it says. This is where we choose interesting, fun and diverse fruit outside of our Penn Road property and beyond. Generally, these will be single vintage limited releases where we make standout wine from exclusive small parcels of fruit that wont be around for a long time.